Photographer, Rob Halliburton, was gifted his first camera by his mother at the age of 7, in 1970. It was a 120 box camera, loaded with colour film.
He knows this, as it was a special occasion - his grandmother was being inaugurated as Mayor of Wallsend, his home town in the north east of England in the UK. 
It was the very first time he was allowed to take photos by himself, of anything he wanted. He still has that camera, and still uses it.
That 'gift' of photography has stayed with Rob, and has been the main driving force behind his Camera Donation Project.
His aim is to pass on that gift to others in schools and community groups where he now lives, in the Tynedale area of Northumberland, near Hadrian's Wall, in the UK, with a desire to expand it out across the region.
If you have any cameras or other photography equipment you think you can part with, get in touch via the 'Contact' page - Rob will find someone worthy to pass it on to.

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