Chilli Studios, Newcastle

Feb 2022

Another donation due to the power of social media.
A post on one of my friend's Facebook page offering the donation of a darkroom enlarger led me to the fabulous Chilli Studios on Newbridge Street, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Set up in 2004, Chilli Studios is a registered charity that delivers services to those who are or are at risk of experiencing diagnosed mental health problems, and those who experience other forms of social exclusion within their communities.
They offer a fantastic range of creative possibilities including painting, ceramics, printmaking, creative writing, music and more.
When I found out they were seeking help to embark on a journey into traditional photography & had plans to set up a darkroom, I knew I could be of assistance.
Pictured above are Sarah Hilditch, Ernie Paxton, Rachel Nettleship and Darren Carey who are all involved in making the photography project happen for Chilli Studios. The donation of the 10 Canon film cameras was made possible with the funds I received from Analogue Wonderland's 'UK Film Photography Community Fund' donation in 2021.
The work the studio has planned is exciting & I look forward to helping them secure more darkroom equipment in the near future.
For more details of the Chilli Studios, visit their website at:

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