Haydon Bridge High School

May 2021

Following my experience presenting to the students at another school in the area, I was invited to present to the art students at the Haydon Bridge High School, talking to them about my photography and how documentary photography has played an important part in photography in general.
Again, it was apparent that the school would benefit from having more cameras available for the students, but in this instance, they needed a mix of digital and film cameras.
So many of us hoard our old cameras either through sentiment, or because there is little or no monetary value in them after we have upgraded to a newer version. In reality, they often end up in a dusty hibernation. So I put out the call again, and was delighted with the response from friends & family.
Pictured is Anna Coulson from the art department with three DSLRs and a great digital compact camera, along with four 35mm film cameras. We are hoping that next year, we can expand on the work we started with the students.

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